Flood Communication’s Telemundo Nebraska and Lobo 97.7 FM made history for being the first Spanish-language radio and television stations in the state to be recognized at the Nebraska Broadcasters Association awards ceremony.

Lobo 97.7 FM radio personality Jorge Rosas and Telemundo Nebraska Reporter Karla Bonilla received three awards and were recognized for their commitment to Nebraska's Hispanic community.

Bonilla was recognized with two awards: a Gold and Bronze award for stories related to topics that directly impact Omaha’s Hispanic community. Rosas was recognized with a silver award for his radio show “Conexión con la Comunidad.”

The Nebraska Broadcasters Association, NBA, has recognized the achievements of reporters and broadcasters since 1934, but only of English-language stations.

However, this year, the rules changed. And the adjustment highlighted the importance of including all mediums of communications.

“Receiving this award means another achievement in my journalistic career. It is an honor that the judges recognized my work and realized the passion, the hours and the dedication so that they can see that they are stories that touch the Hispanic community”, Bonilla said.

Bonilla has been a part of Telemundo Nebraska's news team for more than a year.

"We report the news in Spanish and that is a luxury here in Nebraska, because we are the only ones who are reporting to our community in a language that they know”.

As for Lobo 97.7 FM, the number one Spanish radio station in Omaha, Conexión con la Comunidad has been on air for numerous years and is highly recognized by the community.

“In the program of Conexión con la Comunidad I have the privilege of interviewing people who represent the community with dignity and honor,” Jorge Rosas said. "I showcase people who are working in support of our community."

Rosas has been the host of this community program for six years and said that he is very grateful that the work of the Hispanic community is being recognized.

“The award belongs to the community. Undoubtedly, radio is made by the people of our community. I believe the best award our radio and tv station can obtain is the credibility of our community”.

In addition to Telemundo Nebraska and Lobo 97.7 FM awards’, Flood Communications received six additional awards in recognition of its other television and radio stations across the state.