NEBRASKA CITY – A 67-year-old Nebraska City man was sentenced Monday to two years in prison for third degree sexual assault of a child in June of 2020.

Arnulfo Rodriguez is also sentenced to 18 months post-release supervision, but his attorney Carlos Monzon told the court that supervision may be moot.

Due to the conviction, Rodriguez expects to face deportation.

Monzon said Rodriguez will not be able to fight deportation because of the type of offense he has been convicted of.

He suggested that the court could save taxpayer money by placing Rodriquez on probation until his deportation, rather than holding him in prison first.

Monzon: “How much money of the constituents can be taken in a case we know is sealed? The fate is sealed.”

Judge Julie Smith said the offense, which involved a betrayal of trust and inappropriate touching,  is too serious for a probation term.  She said she will waive the post-release supervision, if Rodriguez is deported.

Smith: “You victimized a child and I am going to sentence you to incarceration.”

Rodriguez is ordered to the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry for 25 years.