NEBRASKA CITY – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says new rainfall forecast for the next 24 hours has been taken into account in hydrological forecasts for moderate flooding beginning Wednesday at 7 p.m. for Plattsmouth and spots downstream to St. Joseph, Mo.

 The National Weather Service’s cumulative 48-hour rain forecast indicates less than a quarter of inch in most of the basin north of Omaha, where major flooding is already occurring.

The 120-hour cumulative forecast through Sunday, June 30, shows as much as 2-inches in areas from Omaha to Kansas City, but the corps expects the impact on current hydrological forecasts to be negligible.

Thunderstorms and showers are forecast this evening and tonight in River Country, with rain also forecast Thursday and Friday.

Minor flooding Tuesday has encroached on the road to Riverview Marina in Nebraska City and made the dock road at Peru impassable.

Nebraska City officials say they expect First Street near Central Avenue and north Table Creek to be closed due to flooding. Police will monitor overnight and the street department on Wednesday to keep the bridge open as along as possible.