WYMORE - As of March 1st, the City of Wymore is ceasing law enforcements activities at this time.   According to the Mayor of Wymore, Collin Meints, the city no longer has sufficient full time police officers to effectively staff the Wymore police department.   City officials met twice with the Gage County Attorney, and the Gage County Sheriff, and decided that the Gage County Sheriff's department will be handling calls for service for all state law violations.

Calls for service for nuisance code violations like junked motor vehicles, stray dogs, or dilapidated dwellings can be reported to the Wymore City office. 

The City council also approved forming a police advisory committee and is in search of 3 community members to serve and look into the future of the Wymore Police Department and to help resolve law enforcement issues. 

Mark Meints has been named as Interim Police Chief.  He says the department has been down to one full-time officer, after an officer took a job with another department.   The lone remaining officer is unable to continue for a couple of weeks, for medical reasons.

Mark Meints also serves as the Wymore Fire Chief and is Safety and Security Coordinator for the Beatrice Campus of Southeast Community College.  He said he will primarily be handling police administrative duties during the interim period.   

Meints said police departments across Nebraska are competing for officers to fill open positions....and like other job sectors, are facing struggles finding enough people to apply for positions.   

Wymore Mayor Collin Meints, Interim Police Chief Mark Meints and Gage County Sheriff Millard Gustafson will be meeting to discuss law enforcement options for the southern Gage County community.